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Areas of Expertise


I offer a total wellness approach to counseling for adults and have evening appointments available during the week and on weekends. I have expertise in working with adults experiencing difficulty with transitional times in their lives and also with health and mental health practitioners, who don't often take the time for their own well-being. Contact me to find out more about making an appointment or book a free consultation on this site. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT can be an effective short term solution to solving an ongoing or recent behavioral concern. Maybe you are stuck and can't seem to break out of your current patterns of behavior. Sometimes just talking to someone, can help and sometimes it helps to develop different ways to approach a situation. 


Mindfulness is a helpful technique to quiet a busy mind. Anxiety and every day stress can build up to the point that you are no longer "living in the present". Past events that produce trauma responses in the brain can lead to loops of thought that are destructive. Mindfulness can help to address worry and ruminating on past events. 


The mind and body are a whole. You would not have one without the other, therefore, you can not fully heal your mind without attending to your body. It should go without saying that the reverse is the same.

The healing of mind and body together is a completely individual experience and my philosophy involves a realistic approach to both. You don't have to run a marathon, climb a mountain or become an experienced yogi to reap the benefits of a healthy mind/body connection. 

Start the healing process slowly and with what you are able to initiate, then explore the possibilities and what intuitively makes you feel well. Society places judgement on mental and physical fitness which are counterproductive to what most people can do and enjoy. 

Find your roots, discover your wings.

My Approach
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